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Holly Hepp-Galván

(Pictured: Craig Kanne, Aaron Alexander, Uyen-Anh Dang, Pollyanna Theatre Company, directed by Judy Matetzschk-Campbell)

2 W, 2 M, 1 any gender
45 Minutes

When Jimmi lies about taking a big bolt from a construction site, strange things start to happen! The Opera Singer can’t sing, the Mail Carrier delivers the wrong packages, the Construction Foreman gets locked in his office, and nobody can see with all the lights out. As everything gets worse and worse, how can she ever tell the truth?

Productions: Pollyanna Theatre Company and Long Island Children’s Museum

Read the Script on New Play Exchange

Holly Hepp-Galván

(Pictured: Bethany Harbaugh, Pollyanna Theatre Company)

Holly Hepp-Galván

(Pictured: Uyen-Anh Dang, Pollyanna Theatre Company)

Holly Hepp-Galván

(Pictured: Kyle Mahoney, Meghan Nifty Ames, Madeline Lovegrove, Long Island Children’s Museum, directed by James Packard)

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