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Holly Hepp-Galván

(Pictured: Chelsea Hockaday, Lisa Larson, Pollyanna Theatre Company & Ballet Austin, directed by Judy Matetzschk-Campbell, choreographed by Nick Kepley)

4 W, 3 any gender
Optional cast of dancers
50 Minutes

One day when Wren is writing, she finds that her words come to life! They can act out anything she writes down. However when the neighborhood bully talks her into posting hateful things about another girl, Wren finds out how powerful her words can be.

Production: Pollyanna Theatre Company with Ballet Austin

Read the Script on New Play Exchange

Holly Hepp-Galván

(Pictured: Chelsea Hockaday, Abbey Smith, Leanna Markos, Lisa Larson, Jesse Chase-Lubitz, Danielle Ehoff, Ashton Plummer, Delaney Shorb, Arielle Sperber)

Holly Hepp-Galván

(Pictured: Julie Linnard, Pollyanna Theatre Company)

Holly Hepp-Galván

(Pictured: Lisa Larson, Leanna Markos, Abbey Smith, Ballet Austin)

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