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Holly Hepp-Galván

(Pictured: Toby Minor, Chelsea Hockaday, Pollyanna Theatre Company, directed by Judy Matetzschk- Campbell)

2 W, 3 M
Two versions – Play and Musical
50 Minutes

He’s hip and slick, he’s hot and cool, he’s a rockin’ rapper and nobody’s fool. When the Piper comes to town, all the kids are fascinated by this dashing celebrity and want to follow him. Peter, however, questions what he’s hearing, even when his friends call him “lame”. How can Peter stand up to this new pressure to be just like everyone else? And how can he make them understand that Rats are not what the Piper says they are?

Available as a Play and also as a Musical with music by Jonathon Lynch

Productions: Pollyanna Theatre Company, TX (Play) and Gallery Players Overtures Series, NYC (Musical)

Read the Script on New Play Exchange

Holly Hepp-Galván

(Pictured: Aaron Alexander Chelsea Hockaday, Bethany Harbaugh , Pollyanna Theatre Company)

Holly Hepp-Galván

(Pictured: Christy Yin, Gallery Players Overtures, directed by Barrie Gelles)

Holly Hepp-Galván

(Pictured: Samantha Schiffman, Gallery Players Overtures, directed by Barrie Gelles)

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