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2 M, 2 W


75 Minutes

When a child with four arms and four legs is born in rural India, the villagers see it as blessing. People come from miles around to pray to the reincarnation of the goddess Lakshmi. However, neurosurgeon Aakil Singh knows that the child needs a life-saving operation. Accompanied by his American wife, they go to visit the child and meet her parents. However, just as Aakil starts the hard work of convincing them to remove the child’s limbs, his wife has an unexpected spiritual epiphany.

Production/Development/Awards: Primetime Theatre Company (Mumbai), Sultan Padamsee Award Finalist (Mumbai), Normal Avenue NAP Series Finalist (NYC), Capital Rep Next Act New Play Summit (Albany), Wide-Eyed Productions Finalist (NYC), Last Frontier Theatre Conference (Alaska)

Read the Script on New Play Exchange

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Pictured: Aurea Tomeski and Debargo Sanyal. Shetler Studios, NYC, Wide Eyed Productions, Directed by Rachel Dart

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