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7 W, 4 M

6 Ensemble roles – mixed M and W

Drama with comic elements

110 Minutes

Adapted from the best-selling novel by Angela Correll and co-written with Robby Henson. Annie comes back to her grandmother’s home farm and rekindles a relationship with her boyfriend Jake. However when she finds letters written during World War II, they reveal a family mystery that can only be solved by flying to Italy. Nosy neighbors, unexpected houseguests, and mysterious relatives all threaten to upend this family as they search for the long-buried truth.

Production: A Kentucky Voices World Premiere Production commissioned by Pioneer Playhouse for their 2017 season.

“Guarded” is a beautifully executed play that’s far more complicated to pull off than it appears to the audience. Holly Hepp-Galván came up with a masterful adaptation of Correll’s novel for the stage. – Ben Kleppinger, The Advocate-Messenger

Read the Script on New Play Exchange

(Pictured: Patricia Hammond and Erika S. Lee, Pioneer Playhouse, Directed by Robby Henson)

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(Pictured: Lily Warner and Matt Howie. Pioneer Playhouse)

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(Pictured: Patricia Hammond, Erika S. Lee, Robert Sean Parker, Pioneer Playhouse)

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(Pictured: TJ Little, Matt Howie, Patricia Hammond, Erika S. Lee, Lily Warner)

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