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6 W, 8 M

5 Ensemble Roles – mixed M and W

Drama with comic elements

110 Minutes

Adapted from the best-selling novel by Angela Correll and co-written with Robby Henson. Annie is looking forward to marrying her high school sweetheart, but is finding it difficult to connect with her estranged father. And her grandmother Beulah is about to find her small-town life upside-down as she deals with a best friend’s betrayal and a nerve-wracking flight to Italy. This final play in the May Hollow trilogy bridges the past and the present for one Kentucky family.

Production: A Kentucky Voices World Premiere Production commissioned by Pioneer Playhouse for their 2018 season.

How to keep traditions while continuing to change and grow are a key question the play’s characters are grappling with… the play’s heartwarming messages about family and home have struck a chord with audiences. – Candace Chaney,

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(Pictured: Daniel Hall Kuhn, Patricia Hammond, Rita Hight, John Dillon, Pioneer Playhouse, Directed by Robby Henson)

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(Pictured: Forrest Loeffler, Erika S. Lee)

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(Pictured: Erika S. Lee, John Dillon, Buck Rogers)

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(Pictured: Stefanie LeMasters, Daniel Hall Kuhn)

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