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2 M, 2 W

3 M or W or Non-binary

Drama with comic elements

85 Minutes

When an Australian Aboriginal woman applies to be a sitter at the home of a wealthy family, she has one request – that if hired, she must be allowed to teach the son her endangered language. Together she and the boy form a new family with ancient roots that are centered around words that the rest of the world has forgotten how to speak.

Production/Development/Awards: The Bechdel Group Finalist (NYC), Hunter Playwrights (NYC), The Rita and Burton Goldberg Award for Excellence in Playwriting, The Irv Zarkower Prize for Playwriting, Leah Ryan’s FEWW Prize Finalist.

Read the Script on New Play Exchange

(Pictured: Adrienne Williams, Kevin Drouillard, Michael Lewis, Shawn Jean-Louis, Hunter Playwrights, NYC.
Directed by Snehal Desai)

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Pictured: Adrienne Williams and Steven Russo, Hunter Playwrights, NYC. Directed by Snehal Desai

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(Pictured: Malik Work and Brandi Nicole Wilson. The Bechdel Group, NYC. Directed by Alice Jankell)

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(Pictured: Adrienne Williams, Hunter Playwrights, NYC, Directed by Snehal Desai)

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